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Photos collage

Photos collage app screenshot with a white background

Mix your photos in different collages (a clone of Layout by instagram).


  • react
  • react native
  • expo
  • react navigation

This was my first use of react native and I wanted to create something interesting, not a useless Todo app so I thought about cloning Layout app by Instagram as it contains a lot of gestures handling and animations and I knew that I should focus on those topics as they are very important in mobile development.


  • This app is not deployed as a standalone app but you still can use it using expo app on both Android and IOS as following:

    1. On Android download Expo app and go to the app link and scan the QR code.

    2. On IOS download Expo app and open the app link on the Safari browser and you will be asked if you want to open the app using expo.

  • When you use the app you will notice that the Faces tab is empty on IOS. I implemented this feature of detecting faces and show them on the Faces tab but I enabled it only on Android because on Android it works out of the box but on IOS it's an Optional Universal module that requires me to eject to use ExpoKit.